Type Test


Ingress Protection Test as per IS
IP55 Test on Solar Controller PanelERDA, VADODARA
IP42 Test on Battery Charger PanelERTL, MUMBAI
IP32 Test on Battery Charger PanelBHEL
IP22 Test on Battery Charger PanelNTPC
Short Circuit Test on Transformer (Dynamic ability to withstand short circuit)
26.5 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
25.02 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
19.08 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
12.51 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
12.3 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
8.34 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
7.64 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
4.6 KVA TransformerERDA, VADODARA
Short circuit test on DCDB at 25 KACPRI, Bangalore
Temperature Rise Test on DCDBERTL, MUMBAI
Electrical fast transient test as per IEC 61000-4-4/EMC on Battery Charger PanelERTL, MUMBAI
Radio frequency immunity test as per IS 61000–4–6 on Battery Charge PanelSAMMER, MUMBAI
Type test on SMPS Module
Radio Frequency Interference Test as per IEC-61000-4-6 on SMPS Battery ChargerERTL/IDMI, MUMBAI
Electrostatic discharge Test as per IEC 61000-4-2 on SMPS Battery ChargerERTL/IDMI, MUMBAI
Electrical Fast Transient/ Burst immunity Test as per IEC 61000-4-4. on SMPS Battery ChargerERTL/IDMI, MUMBAI
Surge Protection as per IEC 61000-4-5 on SMPS Battery ChargerERTL/IDMI, MUMBAI
Surge withstand capability Test SWC as per (IEEE37.90.1)_EFI(61000-4-3)ERTL, MUMBAI
Environmental Test on SMPS Module
Dry Heat, Low Temperature, Damp Heat, Resonance search & Endurance TestETDC, MUMBAI
Environmental Test on PCB
Dry Heat, Low Temperature, Damp Heat and Vibration TestERTL, MUMBAI
Type test on Energy Saving Device (Power measurement)- Energy Saving TestIDEMI, MUMBAI

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