Range of Transformers

Range of Transformers

Our range of transformers serves many applications like Isolation Transformer, Auto Transformer, lighting Transformer, rectifiers, Energy conversion equipments, Furnace Transformer, phase conversions, line voltage corrections, Safety Transformer etc. The total range comprises of ;

  • Line Correcting Transformer / Lighting Transformer: 
    1. These transformers rectify the fluctuation in line voltage. They are available for both single and three phase supplies and in any capacity up to 500 KVA. For single phase supply the normal input is between 180 to 250V, output being 240V. For there phase supply the input is between 380 to 440V, and output 415V. They are also custom manufactured as per the specifications and needs.
  • Low Voltage, High Current Transformers: 
    1. These transformers are specially use for load test of electrical apparatus such as Circuit Breakers, Switch gears, Busbar temp rise, MCCB. Output of these transformer is variable or fixed type, through bus bars, as per the customers requirements.
  • Phase Conversion Transformers: 
    1. These transformers are used for connecting heavy Single phase load from Three phase supply. Winding are Open Delta or Inter Star connected.
  • Step Up / Step Down Transformers: 
    1. These transformers steps down or steps up voltage viz. 230 to 110 V or 440 to 220 V etc. They are available in auto wound or double wound constructions and in rating up to 500 KVA (for Single phase and Three phase)
  • Low Voltage, Lighting Transformers:  
  1. Other types available :
  2. These are used for the inspection of hand lamps etc. And are preferably for low voltages. Chhabi manufacture transformers for stepping down the 230 volts line supply to 24 V, suitable for hand lamps. These transformers are of single phase double wound construction.
  • Low Voltage High Current Transformers
  • Power and Isolation Transformer
  • Control Transformer
  • Lighting Transformer

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