Modular DC System

Modular DC System

Chhabi’s intelligent high-frequency switch mode DC power system is a highly reliable product with modular design. It is adjustable to various power networks with super-wide voltage input range. Rectifier modules being hot-pluggable are convenient for online maintenance with the cutting-edge soft switching technology. These rectifiers features high efficiency with low EMI. Low difference active load sharing of rectifiers ensures inter-rectifier imbalance rate of only 3%. An inbuilt power correction is provided, along with temperature compensation of Battery charging voltage. CE and EMC certifications additionally ensure their reliability and safety.

Rating of basic modules may be as follows:
– 110 V -10 / 20 / 40 A
– 220 V – 20 A / 30 A / 40 A

With a very high efficiency, they respond dynamically for step loads.
Central Monitor is provided with embedded CPU as main processor to realize coordination work of all equipment of power distribution monitoring, Rectifier module, Feeder insulation monitoring, battery monitoring and so on. Advanced battery management program executes intelligent management. With embedded multi standard protocols to communicate with the host, the system can select parameters to report through host software. The system is applicable to all level power plants and high-level power substations..


Main Features :
Built In Redundancy
Modular DC power supply systems are having built in parallel redundant structure to match the power requirements. By adding one (n+1) or more (n+X) redundant modules the load power is secured even case of module failures. In case of module failure alarm is generated for the operator attention. In non-modular (standalone)systems the redundancy can only be achieved by TWO complete systems, each capable of handling the complete load. With a modern modular system the same level of redundancy can be achieved by adding one single module. This of course dramatically reduces the initial investment and still offers more flexibility.

We at Chhabi Electricals Pvt Ltd are design, manufactured and in operation more than 10000 chargers both in India and Export.
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