Manufacturing Facilities


Manufacturing Facilities

Chhabi electricals is India’s most prefered company in the field of DC power solutions. For the last four decades, we have been supplying variety of standard as well as customised DC Power solutions to all types of power stations, distribution and industrial applications.

The state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Jalgaon builds our confidence to deliver the best. We carry out our manufacturing, assembling and testing in an integrated manner.

The company has its own transformer manufacturing division with state-of-the art facilities of winding, assembly and Vacuum Impregnation plant. It also has an electric oven for drying the impregnated coils/transformer. Ample space is available for panel assembly, wiring and testing. Separate facility is available to carry out various tests on transformer as per IS.

We are keen on maintaining  high standards for the PCBs we manufacture. We have sophisticated soldering equipments with auto- temperature controller. We also have a dual beam Digital Storage Oscilloscope for testing various cards and a hot-cold & humidity chamber for temperature cycling test (Environmental test) as per IS/IEC standard.

Testing Facilities

Testing facility covers various resistive loads /fully electronic controlled solid-state load bank for fine current setting from 500 W to 500KW rating. We have a soak chamber for testing at 50 ° C ambient temperature. Various types of test benches for different loads are available.

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Chhabi Electricals is India's most preferred company in the field of DC power solutions for the last four decades. We supply variety of standard as well as customised DC Power solutions to all types of power stations, power distribution and industrial applications.

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