Manual Resistance Discharger

Manual Resistance Discharger

Constant Current and Rate of Discharge :

The resistor bank has adequate trimming facility (coarse and fine) to maintain a constant current against falling voltage during discharge operation. D.C. contractors /Circuit breakers or knife edge sitches are used for switching depending on clients preference. The Rate of Discharge can be accurately controlled and monitored in this system which is a distinct advantage over other conventional methods of Discharge.

Discharge Resistor:

Our unit is designed to perform periodic discharge tests on station batteries. Te resistor unit is robust assembly consisting of Copper-Nickel Alloy wire grid elements, supported on S. S. tie rods, insulated from each other and the enclosure with Micanite tubes, washes and ceramic formers. The unique design of elements allow rapid, natural cooling of resistor bank. Castors are provided for easy mobility.


  1. High resolution of 1 Amp.
  2. High Stability Resistive Loads.
  3. Resistive elements coated with high temperature withstanding silicone coating for maximum enviornmental protection.
  4. Flame proof Cables, Flame Proof Coating Materials for maximum safety.
  5. Parallel circuit of resistive elements for efficient distribution of current and heat.
  6. Compact and very light design for higher continuous dissipation.
  7. Continuous dissipation switchable in steps.
  8. Forced ventilation by built-in fan.


  1. Different power and rated voltage values on request.
  2. Special voltage for fan and electric contractor is possible.
  3. Degree of protection IP 20 to 40 possible

Standard Rating for Battery Dis-Charger :

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