With various battery systems and is extremely cost effective. It is completely powered from the Batteries under test, i.e. No main supply is required. Therefore, tests are not terminated part way through, by a temporary mains power outage. The unit uses forced air-cooling. The load is housed in a compact, rugged enclosure with and is lightweight for the power rating and is also completely portable.

The load may be left on site, unattended, for an extended period, if required. The load bank has constant current operation. The load current is continuously variable over the entire current range. The current can be controlled from front panel. It is possible to select the “End Voltage” per cell as per battery type. When enabled the load monitors the overall battery voltage and when it drops to the “End Voltage” it will automatically disconnect the load and the current will drop prevents deep discharge of the batteries and hence prevent any possible damage to them.

The  automatic battery discharger, designed to test the batteries of any type, voltage and capacity.

This equipment can be programmed to discharge the battery with a precisely controlled constant current, adjustable from zero to the maximum rated value, while keeping the battery voltage under control.

While the discharge is in progress, the control board measures the total capacity (Ampere-Hours) discharged from the battery.

When the battery voltage reaches the minimum programmed value or when the maximum programmed test time is reached, the test stop automatically, while the measured parameters remain available to the user.

The discharger is very simple to use. The setting of the test requires simple and the operation is completely automatic.

Key Features

  • No need of auxiliary supply
  • Electronic polarity reversal detection & alarm.
  • Integrated Data Logger. (OPTIONAL)

While the discharge is in progress data will be stored in memory. It’s not necessary that PC is always connected. Data Logger has enough memory to save the entire discharge curve. After test is over, it’s possible to download the data from the discharger to the PC

  • The standard connection interfaces are serial (RS-232).
  • Ethernet interfaces is available on request.
  • Temperature protection of all the major power components.

In case of internal over temperature the discharger will set automatically in stand-by mode.

  • Heavy duty wheels for mobile unit.

The discharger can be moved easily and safely on any floor, and can operate without problems in any industrial environment.

Parameters on LCD Display

  • Battery Voltage
  • Discharging Current
  • Discharging time
  • Temperature
  • Date & Time

Alarms On LCD Display

  • Battery Voltage Low
  • Battery Voltage High
  • Discharging Current High
  • Discharging current Low
  • Over Temperature Alarm
  • Over Temperature Trip
  • Discharging Time Over
  • Battery Reverse Polarity

Settings from LCD Display

  • Date & Time
  • Discharging Current
  • Discharging Time (HH:MM)
  • Input Low Voltage level
  • Input High Voltage level

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