Always keep CPC auto/manual selector switch in auto position in normal operation of battery charger irrespective of Float mode or Boost mode.
Operate CPC auto/manual selector switch of float mode or boost mode only after switching off the battery charger.
Always keep manual mode potentiometer at its minimum position when manual mode is not in use.
When charger is switch on to boost mode for battery charging, ensure normal voltage at load side and higher boost voltage at battery side (check with voltmeter selector switch or load side voltmeter.
Always keep charger in float mode for to supply the load as well as to trickel charge the battery.
Charger Keep clean every forth night, while cleaning switch off the AC supply.
If Auto mode fails, switch off the battery charger and kept auto / manual selector switch at its manual position & ensure manual mode voltage control potentiometer is at its minimum position then switch on the charger. Keep close supervision to maintain DC out put voltage constant along with variations in AC input supply or in load current.
Carry out preventive maintenance of the equipment after every six months.
Reefer instruction manual for operation of the equipment.


Never operate CPC auto/manual selector switch without switching off the charger.
Don’t leave ‘manual start from minimum’ potentiometer in–between minimum and maximum position.
Don’t disturb presets provided in various electronics cards.
Don’t allow any metal objects to remain inside the charger.
Don’t expose equipment to water/any chemical.
Don’t interconnect the charger to any other DC Source equipment without consolation with manufacture.
Don’t use the equipment to charge the batteries other than specified make & rating.
Don’t use the components of other specifications than specified by the manufacturer in case of replacement.
Never use water to cease the fire in the equipment.
Never use Necked flame in Battery room.

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