DC Earth Leakage Relay

DC Earth Leakage Relay


These relays are ideal for detecting and localizing earth leakage in DC Power systems. Unlike potential based sensors these sensors can localize the earth leakage fault to specific feeders if the feeder cables are passed through the sensor unit.

The DC earth leakage relay detects leakages from DC power systems by measuring differential current between the +ve and -ve current carrying conductors. The two conductors ( wires or small bus bars) are passed through a sensor. The signals from the sensors are processed by the Detector unit and leakage is detected


    • Sensor: Back panel mountable with an opening provided for passing the -ve and +ve conductors through size of opening is 50mm dia (smaller dia sensors are also available)
    • Detectors:
              1. Sensing range :  Model-1: +5/10/20mA
                Selectable by shorting terminals on the unit.
              2. Model-1 : +5/10/20mA
              3. Indication :  +Ve Leak, -Ve Leak
              4. time delay : 10 seconds for turn on and turn off
              5. Auxiliary supply : 20 to 80 V, or 80 to 300 V AC/DC
              6. Trip Output : 1 Changeover contact on leakage exceeding set value
                Contact rating 5A 230V AC/ 30V DC
              7. Reset : Auto or Manual selectable by shorting terminals on the unit.
    • Dimensions
      70mm X 71mm X 30mm (20mm opening)
    • 100mm X 108mm X 32mm (40mm opening)
      119mm X 127mm X 32mm (60mm opening)

      Detector unit : 70mm X 100mm X 110mm

      • Accessories : Cable between detector and sensor or 2 meter length.

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