Types of Battery Charger and its Comparison

Types of Battery Charger and its Comparison

Types of Battery Charger and its Comparison Type-I : Thyristor Based Battery Charger       Long operational life more than 20 years. Robust operation Easy for troubleshooting SCR Firing techniques 6 Pulse 12 Pulse 24 Pulse Advantages: 12 & 24 Pulse Chargers Very low ripple factor Minimized Harmonic Distortion Improved Power Factor Higher Efficiency 90% Function Block Diagram Type-II : SMPS Based Battery Charger: Rectifier Efficiency better than 92% Power Factor better than 0.90% Compact – High Power Density Wide AC input range Output voltage suitable for all types of Batteries Current Stabilization Accuracy less than 0.5% Ripple less than 0.5% Current sharing imbalance for rectifier less than 3% Operate with wide frequency variation. Comparison between Thyristor Based & SMPS Battery Charger :

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