Assured Quality Transformers with

Assured Quality Transformer with;

Better Cores: 

Transformers up to 2 KVA, single phase have cores built from punched stampings. For 3 phase and single phase core of larg rated transformers, stampings are manufactured from the rectangular stampings / Metered type cut to size. The core material is high grade, low loss electrical silicon steel. Core Clamping Channels and bolts (positively earthed) are adequately insulated from the core. For larger Transformers, the core is stepped to receive circular coils which permits the maximum amount of steel in the magnetic circuit..

Better Winding: 

Coils are wound on Automatic Turns Counting Winding Machines. The conductor used for coils are of high grade electrolytic copper wires and strips covered with polyester based enamel / Nomax Paper. Smaller capacities of Transformers have rectangular coils, while coils of larger Transformers are circular or rectangular in shape. Generally the coils are concentrically wound, however, different types of windings are used for special type of Transformers.

Insulating Material: 

Best quality of Insulation & Impregnator is used for the transformer to withstand suitable emperature and long life. The insulation Class “F” or Class “H” as per the clients’ requirement.

Taps & Tap Changing: 

Taps are provided as pee the requirement with off circuit tap changing links or by externally  operated switches.

Terminal Arrangement:  

Terminals are brought on Terminal Board with brass or copper terminals inside or outside of the enclosure.

Enclosure :32, IP 42, IP 44 as required

It is CRCA based with suitable thickness and load bearing members, panels. Powder coated or painted as per IS shade. Provided with naturally or forced ventilated, floor or wheel mounted cubical. It has louvers packed with fine wire mesh. Degree of protection for the enclosure can be IP

Tests :

All routine tests & Type tests are carried out as per the relevant IS specifications.


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