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Digital Analog Annunciation and Controller


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Product Leaflet

This product range is a result of our constant Research & development and is Ideal for Power Stations, Petro Chemical Industries, Cement Industries, Paper Mills, Panel Building Industries. It is a Microcontroller based mini Annunciator with audiovisual annunciation and with serial communication. Accepts 13Analog & 17Digital inputs. Monitoring of 13 analog input on Text Display with programmable text of parameters makes easy to configure the unit for various applications. The thresholds for analog inputs are programmable, 30 digital outputs are available for Annunciation. Membrane keys for Accept, Test & Reset function are provided.
It has a Programmable Group Alarm relay output.

Features :

• Metering
• Annunciation
• ON / OFF control
• Sensing Relays
• RS 485, MODBUS
• Data Logger
• Easy to integrate